North American Feed Ingredients Company


Our Commitment

To offer the feed industry high-quality additives and natural, effective and customized solutions that add value and increase the quality of formulations for dairy, beef and poultry producers.

A Trusted Partner

We are your neighbours.
Nafico is a trusted friend who has similar values that you do. We want our communities to be happy, healthy places for us all to live and grow and succeed. We care about the food we eat, we respect the environment, and we want our clients to do well. Along with our strong belief in feed and food safety, Nafico cares about the development and success of the feed industry, the producers, and the future of farming.

More Than Supplements

Nafico ensures that every one of its products is reliable and ready-to-use by verifying that each batch of product has been rigorously tested by an independant laboratory. Our strict analysis program ensures our customers the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve taken care of every detail necessary.

An Innovative and Proactive Company

Nafico is continuously innovating and looking for ways to improve its processes while ensuring its customers are offered the best value possible. We analyze the science and nature for every one of our new products. We endeavour to continously improve while adapting our products to our customers’ needs.

Quality Service

Nafico knows that each of our clients are different. We take the time to get to know who they are and what they need. We assist breeders by offering solutions generated from our knowledge and expertise. We are open, communicative and honest.

A One-Stop Shop

Nafico aims to offer customers a one-stop shop. Its expertise in plant products is well known in the animal nutrition industry. The company also offers phytogenic products manufactured by the company Phytosynthese, which are derived from active plant ingredients and are a natural and efficient solution for animal feed operators. The active substances of the plants are powerful and the synergy of the molecules promotes a global action on the animal organism. Sensory additives allow more cost-effective and efficient production without residue in the feed. Sensory additives are declined on vegetal and mineral support. In the form of powder for the food, this allows their standardization and their correct use.*

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We are Nafico.