North American Feed Ingredients Company


In order for a product to get the NAFICO quality seal, it must successfully go through all the rigorous steps of our quality control process, from the moment it is loaded on the ship to the final delivery to the customer. This quality seal is a formal commitment we make to our customers to ensure that we offer them high-quality animal feed ingredients.

Nafico also distributes phytogenic products, additives made from plant extracts, manufactured by the company Phytosynthèse. To find out more about the development process of these products, visit their website at:

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Step 1

Sampling at the manufacturing plant and certificate of analysis provided by the manufacturer

Step 2

Sampling and inspection at the loading bay

Before loading products on ships, we take a sample that we send to an independent laboratory. Products are then carefully inspected and placed in containers.

Step 3

Boat transport

Products arrive in Canada by boat. They are then shipped to our warehouses in Quebec and Ontario.

Step 4

Shipping to the storage location and product quarantine

Products are shipped to our storage locations in Saint-Hyacinthe and Southern Ontario. People responsible for unloading inspect the seals. Products are then stocked on loading pallets and each of them is numbered and inspected.

Feed ingredients are then stocked in a clean, dry and cool environment and quarantined.

We then ship samples of the received products to independent and renowned laboratories in the U.S. We use various laboratories depending on the products to be analyzed.

Step 5

Laboratory analysis

Products are then extensively tested to ensure they are compliant and meet the highest standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Step 6

Laboratory confirmation

Products are not delivered to customers until NAFICO has obtained authorization from the laboratory following sample testing. Once the laboratory analysis confirms the integrity and quality of products, they are then considered available for sale and remain in our warehouses until final delivery to the customer.

Step 7

Final delivery to the customer

We undertake a last visual inspection of seals before final delivery to the customer.