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Phytogenic Products

Active Plant Ingredients

Phytosynthese products are manufactured from more than 75 different varieties of plants, while ensuring a personalized solution for different animal species.

Poultry in particular experience different stresses during their generation period that affect their behaviour and their immune system, with a direct impact on their digestive or respiratory balance. Nervous disorders (overpopulation in the building, interactions between poultry, sexual behaviour, hygiene problems, feed issues, temperature variations) can result in a decline in breeding performance, as well as losses in the economic value of the animal due to abnormal behaviour: mortalities or other consequences from scratching, pecking, agressivity, fighting. Contaminant control is recommended to guarantee feed safety.

In order to maximize the genetic potential and the zootechnical performances of poultry, strengthening of the immune defenses helps make it possible to secure the start-up period. In laying hens or breeding poultry, the metabolism activity is highly mobilized during the export of eggs. The hepatobiliary sphere has a predominant role in the absorption and transformation of nutrients. Its protection ensures performances throughout the entire production cycle*.

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