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The fact sheets below detail our product components, all the information necessary to store them, as well as the areas where they can be used.

Dairy fat

Dairy Fat RP10

White to pale yellow beads
Typical Chemical Analysis
Crude fat: 99% min.
Free fatty acids: 95% min.
Iodine value: 10 max.
Fatty Acid Composition
C16: 0 palmitic acid: 98% min.
C18: 0 stearic acid: 2% max.
Physical Analysis
Bulk density (75°C): 0.85 g/ml
Melting point: 56°C min.
Feeding Recommendations
Include in the total daily ration up to 1 kg/head/day or up to 5% in complete feed.
For further product utilization, it is important that an animal feed nutritionist adjusts dosage according to animal’s particular needs.

Weight: 25 KG/800 KG
Store in a cool, dry place.

icone bovin
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